Qualitative research aims to gain complete and detailed descriptions, usually their research methods will not include numerical ways such as graphs, statistics etc. Instead this research focus’ on the research of words (interviews), pictures, videos or objects. This research is more natural and tends to strive for uniqueness. This type of research tends to cost less and has research questions involved with a series of participants.

Quantative research however is more about statistics and tends to cost more than the Qualitative. It normally uses numbers in order to retain their research and also has the involvement of a hypothesis. Incomparison to Qualitative research, it uses subjects instead of participants and generalizes which normally leads to a conclusion, prediction and understanding. This research strives for generalization and also is acted out in a controlled environment.


Refrencing Websites.

How to reference a website.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory. (2008). Biofuels. Retrieved May 6, 2008, from http://www.nrel.gov/learning/re_biofuels.html

If you’d like to know if the site that you’re visiting is a reputable source then there are a numberous amount of ways to check, one of them is to go to a domain health check website. This will allow you to find out the sites reputation which is based off the users and their comments.


e-government Standards.

June 18, 2009

The e-government standards set the accessibility and policy standards for Web Sites in New Zealand. The reason for them is so that all users can get equal access to the site despite being visually or mobily impaired.

I think that they are neccessary because then it means that people of all kind can access and obtain information that they desire. It’s also good for them because then they’re able to not have to worry about being unable to access websites that they wish to.

Plain English.

June 17, 2009

So first of all, what is plain english? well, its english that is written in an appropriate manor for the reading group that it is directed towards. The point of this is so that everything is written with the necessary information and not unneccesary jargon or cliche’s that interfere with the message that the writer is trying to convey. Some ways to write in plain english include shortening your sentences and getting to the point, using words that are appropriate for the reading group that it is directed towards, using active verbs, using lists where appropriate and avoiding nominalizations which is converting into a noun.

CSS Box Model

June 17, 2009

The CSS box model is designed to help with the layout of webpages, they describe the rectangle boxes that are created for elements. There are two types of box models, inline and block. Block is created by the use of tags such as DIV, P or TABLE where as the inline model is created by tags such as SPAN, B or I and images or content.

A box model defines how a box and its attributes relate to each other. The settings of a box tells the browser that there is a box there and that it should be drawn to the pixels specified in the html code. However, you can also add more things to your box such as padding, borders etc.

The box model is made up of four parts, the first is the margin which surrounds the box and is completely invisible. It also will not tamper with other elements that may be placed around or within the margin. Inside of the margin is the border, this outlines the box. Then we have the padding and lastly the content which is placed within the box. When you are defining the width and height of your box you are not defining the whole area that the content will take up but rather just the content area itself. The padding, border and margin are important when using the CSS box model as it is needed in order to calculate the total space that will be occupied by your box.

Search Engines.

June 10, 2009

If I used the google search engine and the links were always blue, would this bother me? Well, I can say that I use Google almost everyday. One of the main reasons I do is for research, sometimes my search isn’t clear and I end up adding a few words to the search list resulting in the changing of the hierarchy of the websites. If the colour stayed blue then I’d have no way of knowing where I’ve been and would most likely revist sites that I’ve already looked at. So yes, that would bother me, in fact it’d annoy me to the point that I probably would refrain from using Google as excessively as I currently do.

 User Testing is conducted in order to see how well your site functions. People who fit the user profiles that are normally made before the website is made are asked to engage in testing out a site. They’re given a series of things to do and are asked to verbally say what they’re thinking and doing whilst working through the given instructions. The things spoken will be written down by a note taker that’s on site along with an observer/questioner. Users are normally given 20 questions that are to do with the site and by the end of it reccomendations are given to help improve the site.

Website usability is increasingly important, normally people will use search engines in order to find your site but once they’re there it’s up to them to navigate through the site. Keeping your navigation in the same place and stopping links from disappearing unexpectedly are a few ways to make navigating easy. Users should be able to predict what they’ll find when clicking on a link, that means that your links should be clear in where they’re going.

Internet List

May 28, 2009

A list of things that can be done on the internet.

  • Talk to friends and keep in touch by using MSN or Twitter.
  • Watch and upload your videos through Youtube.
  • Keep up to date with the latest information on your favourite topics with Forums.
  • Learn about new products that are releasing from your favourite company.
  • Watch your favourite television shows online by streaming them.
  • Read manga or comics online.
  • Learn of new movies that are being released as well as music.
  • Play flash games on websites and earn prizes on some.
  • Enter online compititions.
  • Stream live videos through the use of your webcam.

My wish list for the internet:

  • Being able to recieve items/goods immediatly once you’ve paid for them through a teleporter.
  • Be able to enter the virtual world and browse around with your own customized avatar.
  • Be more interactive with games, enter the virtual world and play in online RPG games.


May 28, 2009


  • All My Good Countrymen – Radoslav Brozobohaty
  • The Last Day of the War – George Maharis
  • Run, Angel, Run! – William Smith
  • A Walk With Love and Death – Anjelica Huston
  • The Italian Job – Michael Caine


  • Honky Tonk Woman – Rolling Stones
  • I Can’t Get Next to You – Temptations
  • Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley
  • Time of the Season – The Zombies
  • That’s the Way Love Is – Marvin Gaye
  • Something – The Beatles


“There are no American combat troops in Cambodia. There are no American combat advisers in Cambodia. There will be no American combat troops or advisers in Cambodia. We will aid Cambodia. Cambodia is the Nixon doctrine in its purest form….” – President Richard M. Nixon, November 1971, http://www.edwebproject.org/sideshow/history/nixon.html.

On Feburary the 9th, 1969, US intelligence reported that there was a possible NVA (North Vietnamese Army) base located within Cambodia. General Creighton Abrahms was the commander of the US forces based in Vietnam at the time and was clearly confident that B-52 bomber strikes could take out the bases without any hassle at all. Nixon approved of the plan to bomb Cambodia and said it was not an attack on Cambodia itself but rather on Vietnamese. Less than a month after the intelligence reported, they were ready to go ahead with the plan. The attack lasted 14 months and the major operations followed the tradition of ‘Operation Breakfast’ Following plans were named Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Dessert, Supper. Despite the bomb raidings, they would have little to no effect on the movement of the NVA and not only that but communists were slowly creeping into Cambodia. Guerrilla forces also begun to emerge stronger than ever as peasants were largely endangered as well as their land. As the land continued to be ruined, the people of Cambodia begun to hate Sihanouk, their current leader at the time, even more. The war continued to grow and get out of hand whilst Sihanouk knew that his time was up.

Political – New Zealand:

The New Zealand Maori Council was first created. It was put together by the Maori Welfare Act. Since it was created it has contributed to the Government about concerns that surround the Maori, particularly concerns about the Treaty of Waitangi.

Web accessibilty refers to the development of a user friendly site that is able to accommodate the needs of various users. All users can access websites under different conditions and be challenged by their environment. For example the user could be in a loud environment and unable to hear videos, they may have difficulty reading text, may not be able to see, hear or process information easily, they may not understand the language used or could be using an old browser, a completely different browser or even a voice browser. There are many different conditions that users can find themselves in and the development of a user friendly site is crucial in order to suit the conditions of the end user.

To create a user friendly site that appeals to all users will make your site a pleasure to navigate about and will also allow a wider range of users to use your website. Also allowing your site to be viewed on different devices makes it versatile, so if someone were wanting to check something on the internet via. your site they’d be able to access it through their mobile or PSP making it convenient.

The Internet Backbone.

Proprietary software (or closed software) is usually owned legally by a company. Others can use the software by agreeing to a contract or licensing agreement. If you have closed software equipment then you can not alter the source code as it’s normally seen as a ‘trade secret’. If a party would like to see or alter the source code it can be done but only through a non-disclosure agreement (confidentiality agreement). A non-disclosure agreement is an agreement that is placed between two parties, the purpose of it is to keep the stated information in the contract secret.

Open source software is a non-profitable software that allows the code to be altered by the general public in order to change or modify it from its original design. Open source was created so that programs could be changed and improved by the community and is offered to people without cost involvement. Nobody can be denied the use of open source software and the running of open source software is conducted by corporate, government, academic and Open Source Community representatives.